J-Law is dating Gwyneth’s ex. Here’s why that’s therefore weird

J-Law is dating Gwyneth’s ex. Here’s why that’s therefore weird

After just what must be a fairly straight-laced, GOOP filled, gluten-free 11-year relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has evidently chose to switch up their intimate life pretty darn drastically. And by pretty drastically, we suggest drrrrrraaaaasticalllllly.

It’s being speculated that the Brit singer has become dating spunky, young and vibrant Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence. The 2 have actually evidently been dating for a few months after fulfilling one another at a Coldplay concert come july 1st in London. Term has it that the Lawrence has offered the soggy Brit a much required lease that is“new life” because this woman is therefore not the same as Paltrow. No kidding!

On top, it is fairly evident that starched and pressed Gwyneth and free-spirited and rambunctious J-Law are completely different individuals. Let’s just take a look that is good exactly how various Goopy Gwyneth and J-Law are really. Except where, y’know, they’re the same.

Their Way Of Food

As evidenced in a number of editions of her GOOP publication and overheard in countless self-righteous quotes, Gwyneth is pretty militant in terms of healthy eating for by herself along with her kids. Continue reading